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Came home early today; feels like I have a lifetime ahead to make a place in the history of this world. Wondering what that would take. What would basically shape the future of mankind in the next century?

Two streams of thought/action seem to be vitally important:
  1. Artificial Intelligence vs. Genetics &
  2. Social Entrepreneurship
You might wonder why on earth did I pick these two from all that I could chose from. Where did - Media, Information, Global warming, the Web x.x, the threat of nuclear wars, human rights violations, health hazards all go?

Confused me as well in the first place. But then, I realized that the above two might pretty much capture the future of the world for many centuries to come.

Let's take Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) vs. Genetics first. Today, the advancement of the human race in terms of technology is actually fast forwarding the evolution of a new consciousness. A consciousness that might outlast mankind itself.

Set's us thinking - by the unified theory - was the human race eventually designed to be replaced by a consciousness that did not suffer the same deficiencies as us? Our weaknesses against diseases, against hunger, against age might eventually prove very costly. I guess you might have an inkling of understanding on where Genetics comes into the picture. Genetics is the solution that the 'civilized' world is looking at for all the problems that are listed above. Putting a 'stopper on death' is probably the catch-word here.

The coming years will define which of the two fields survives.

Ah .. time for the second one, Social Entrepreneurship (let's call it S.E.E from now on).. here we go ..

Today's the world's focus seems to be on comfort at one's finger tips - the explosion of ideas and companies centered around taking advantage of the pandora's box opened by the Web.

But what we are missing here is that - all this seems to be centered at less than 1/6th of the world's population - the same part that is already well to do in terms of basic necessities - in fact, the same part already has enough beyond the basic necessities. And yet, the focus is on keeping them busy "consuming". 'Consumer' is the name of the game here.

The need of the hour is the birth of Social Entrepreneurs (let's call them S.E.E.R.S ;) ) who enlighten the world as to the grave situation and re-align their thinking on what's important. These are the people, the messiahs that the world needs today. People who really care.

Huh! .. Just woke up, was really surprised to see what I had written above ;) .. Anyways, am really hungry now and want to watch a movie ..

What's the website for Pizza hut? ;)

A stroll in the park

A busy day at office,
Umpteen thoughts in my mind,
Struggling to make meaning;
Walk did I off my apartment,
Leaving them all behind.
Realize did I not until encircled,
By a bed of daisies shivering in the breeze.

Generous had been, the evening shower,
To sprinkle a thousand diamonds around,
Busy bees on their final stop,
Chipmunks tussling over the fallen fruit;
Life's slow in these wonderful moments,
Blessed are they who pause to take a breath.

Gazing at that wondrous spectacle,
Realization peeked into my senses,
Life's a puzzle,
Put together by a multitude of tiny moments,
Race do we through them,
Savoring not them, which matter so much.

The walk back to my apartment,
The transformation from barks to bricks,
Opening my door, landing in my couch,
Pausing for a few moments to meditate,
It all happened then.

A soft touch on my face,
A wet lick on my toe,
Opened my eyes to those beautiful round eyes,
Of an expectant three year old,
His buddy, a lab pup, mirrored the same feeling from
down below.
Leaning back to see the lady of my heart smiling,
By the kitchen door,
The decision was made.
Your heart's desire is right here in front of you;
Just heed its calling.

The Beach

She stood alone on the beach,
Listening to the hush of the breeze over the waves,
Feeling the gentle flow of the waves over her ankles,
Savoring the ozone filled atmosphere,
Her mind in resonance with the Universe,
Listening intently to her heart's beat,
The rhythm that hath never ceased to sing,
The promise that it held within.

He looked at her,
An angelic silhouette against the golden sky,
A tribute to a promise never broken,
Memories rushing back to the years,
To the moments, so joyously spent,
Never to be forgotten,
A relationship forever carved in stone.

A gush of breeze,
Blows the flowing curls of her hair over her face,
Was it instinct that made her turn or was it the connect,
Eyes meet, history relived in moments,
Then, barriers break, she falls into his arms,
Support so badly longed for,
Rivers of joy abound,
Locked in arms,
Into the mist they walk away,
Their shadows merging into one.

Bangalore and me, scripted ;)

Hi all,

Here is my first attempt at a script. Infact, my friend Sai co-authored it as well.

This was written quite long ago. Wanted to share this one with all of you. (Note: this is written in the traditional script format)


Start off with the sound of coffee coming from the coffee machine.
Sai walks from the pantry to his desk. Receives a phone call

Hello ma!

Hello Sai, where are you?

At office only ma. Tell me ..
what is it?

Are you free for a few minutes? I
have something important to ask

Umm .. important? .. go on ..

What time are you planning to come
home today?

As usual .. around 9 .. why?

Well .. one of your father's close
friends and his family are coming
home this evening ... it would be
great if you are here ...

Oh ... ma ... you know that I don't
like these get-togethers .. why
can't you and Appa handle this? why
should I be there?

Sai .. actually .. they are coming
to see you ..

See me? What for? ... Ma! don't
tell me that they are coming for ..

Well, they are .. And why should
they not? You are 27 now and your
father and I are getting old ...

What?!!$$ I need to get married
because you are getting old ...[Sai
almost shouts]

Everybody turns and looks around. A bit embarrassed, Sai continues
in hushed tones, moves into a conference room and closes the

Ma, please ... You know I told you
that I dont like this arranged
marriage stuff ..

Sai! I know that ... but you can't
keep us waiting indefinitely ... I
won't say anything if you can find
a girl fast ...

Ma! Girls can't be found like
fruits on trees ... I need more time ..
Just a sec, ma

From outside, some of Sai's colleagues are making faces at
him. Sai's gestures to them that he will kick them when he
is out of the room.

Right ma, continue ..

Ok .. but atleast just come home
today .. if you dont like the girl
or you say no, it is fine .. but
just come home na, please ..

Umm ... okie .. but I warn you if
you start more stuff like this ...

Okie okie .. sure .. we won't ..
okie kanna, see you in the evening
.. bye

Bye!! (reluctantly)

Sai cancels the call and walks upto his desk (quite irked up)
and sits down. His colleague Karthik comes up to him.

Hi Sai, enna da? .. Girl hunting at

Enna nakkala? Naanae kaduppulae
irrukkuraen .. nee vaerae ..

Hey, what's the problem? .. You
don't want to see her? .. Just say no afterwards,

Yeah, I can ... but the problem is
.. why to unnecessarily see someone
when you know the answer is a 'no'
.. it is a bit hard on the girl na?

Oh .. umm .. yeah .. I hadn't
thought of that .. ummm .. no problem, da
... tell the girl the real reason
.. I guess she'll understand ...

tell her? [Sai swallows a bit] let's see 
.. let's see ..


Sai is shown to be restless at his desk the whole day.
Seeing the clock. Staring at his desk with hands on his
head. Trying to meditate in the conference room.

(Talking something official ..
Sai in a dreamland) .. What do
you say Sai?

(Jolted out of his
pre-occupation) eh ... err ..

Enna Sai, thinking of your girl now
itself (with a twinkle in his eye)

Sai throws a frown at Karthik who smiles. Sai gestures to give
him a beating later.

(Continuing to smile) guys,
let's not bother Sai today ..
let him dance around with his
dream girl

Everybody laughs ..


Sai comes out of office looking 10 years older. Tense, his eyes
searching for any auto rickshaw he could hire.

It seemed that everyone on earth had decided to take an auto today,
and none passed without a passenger in them.

Then, finally an auto comes by. Sai blurts out the locality
of his destination. The words seemed to put a shock in the
auto driver, and he nodded and then sped away without a word.

A few more auto wallahs like that.

Then, Sai, in a tantrum, now. Does some antics in the middle of
the road to stop some auto rickshaws which speed by empty!!

Another one seemed to approach, but stopped just short of Sai.
A middle aged man boarded it, and with an air of triumph,
commanded his destination. But for the man, this ride could
have been Sai's. A rush of anger sprang over Sai's spine.

Another auto came by. A good looking (rather head turning ;)) maiden in front of him had
also signalled it to a halt. The driver naturally :) stopped
before her, and she told him her destination. Even before
the driver could react, Sai jumped into the picture and

East End Circle ... One and a half
.... ok?

[looking at Sai and smiling] ok sir
.. get in .. sorry madam (he told
the girl)

Sai threw a gesture of triumph at the girl. The girl stood stunned.
The auto moves by.


Sai's parents and two more people are talking in the house. The
bell rings. Sai's mother goes to open the door. It is Sai.

Sai! .. appada .. I thought you had
forgotten about the get-together
... come in

Sai walks in. Meets the girl's parents.

Hello uncle .. Hello aunty ..

Hello Sai .. good to see you .. you
must have had a busy day at office.
Go and freshen up and then you can
join us.

Yes .. sure ... by the by, it seems
Kruthika is also late. ..

Sai seems a bit muddled at the name. He looks at his mother.

Oh .. You have never meet Vijay
Uncle's daughter na? .. Kruthika is
a software engineer like you too ..
she is also coming here directly
from her office .. she will be here

Sai goes in to freshen up. Joins the discussion and after some time, the bell rings.
Sai goes to open the door.


Sai is lost in confusion to see the girl he left behind in the
auto rickshaw standing before him. Had she tracked him down?
He swallowed.

The girl seemed to be extremely stunned as well.

Sai looked at the girl in confusion.


I'm ... Kruthika

Oh .. yeah .. come in

Sai turns his back to her and walks towards his parents. His face gives a
distraught expression that kinda indicated the flow he expected the discussion to take.

Mom, Dad .. Kruthika vandhurukkaa

Hi Kruthika, come sit down.

Uneasy silence for a while as nobody is ready to talk.

Enna Sai, ivalo naeramma ottawai
irundha nee ... ippo endha paechu
kaanom? Kruthika'va paarthu

Adhellaam edhuvum illae uncle ..
[looking uneasily at Kruthika]

Why don't you guys talk and get to
know each other a little?

Hi [Sitting in the same place
.. a little shy but not very

Hi[very unwilling one... almost a
very uncomfortable one]

Eh .. Sai, Why don't you take
Kruthika to your room, you guys could
be more free there instead of in
front of us all

seri ma [rising and looking at the
girl as if asking why don't we go]

[Sai and Kruthika walk away, Sai muttering pochuda to


As Sai is shutting the door of his room, Kruthika's irked up face
remains unchanged.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Yes... No (like a confused dolt)

(with a troubled expression on her
face) Huh?

As in, I am sure - Yes (moving face
in vertical moves), that I don't
want to do this - No... (nodding

(ready to head out) Then let's just
tell them...

Hey no! I mean, it would be better
if we remain here for some time,
say 10 minutes and then go out...

10 mins!??

Oh, 5 minutes, then? please ..
eh.. it would better that way
because our folks would think we
did talk and you could go home and
tell them that you didn't like me
and I'll tell my parents that I didn't
like you too. Much more smoother
than the trouble if we head out now..

(Looking at his eyes, twisting her
lips as if considering unwillingly)...
Ok, but what the hell do we do for
10 mins? Stand like this and stare
at each other's faces?

(trying to give a smile)... no we
could just sit somewhere.. you can
read some magazines over there.
(pointing). I'll probably sit
somewhere here (pointing at other
end) and do something else.

Kruthika, looking not very impressed, gives a troubled stare at

Hey look here, I am sorry for what
happened. I am sure you have not
become a fan of mine after that
incident, but I didn't know about
this entire thing till this morning
when my mom called .. and believe
me.. I am not in for arranged
marriages anyway... but she was
insistent that I be home by 6 and I ... I
had a meeting till 5:30 and no bloody .. (Sai's checks himself)
... no auto was stopping by .. I
was just getting frantic ... and am
sorry to say, but sometimes these
autowallahs favour girls more... as
in, you know... or may be they
don't.. but I hope you get it. It
wasn't anything personal.. so I am
sorry, ok? So can you please be just normal...
we don't really have to get
anywhere after we are done with
this meeting... probably would
never come across each other... so
just try and don't be so mad at me
the way you seem to be... it just
happens sometimes that I get pretty

[Signalling a halt with her  hands]
Any idea of stopping?


Ok, got what you said. Are you just
going to continue talking for the
next 1 hour.. or can we just settle
down? (folding her arms) Its ok..

(weak smile again) Sure... please.

Both go to opposite ends and Kruthika simply starts flipping through
some of the magazines on the bed and Sai sits, looks around
for a minute before grabbing a diary.

After a few minutes...

You weren't brought up in New York,
were you?

(slightly thrown off track) Eh..

How come no Indian comics here...
TIME, SPAN, Archie's

(understanding dawning
on the question) No not really
..... now c'mon these mags are
deftly sold here... so they don't
really make me from New York you
see...(QED expression) what do you
want.. Tinkle and Champak?
(Slightly naughtly smile)

No please! Just remembered how you
talked Tamil in the hall too... you
speak as if you don't know Tamil...
was wondering if you thought it was
style or something.

(flustered at this girl). No
actually I was born and brought up
in Dehradun, never really got to
speak Tamil with others other than my
parents... so it is not a conscious
effort (as a matter of fact

Aww.. ok.. anyway.. (and again
looking at the magazines)

After a few more minutes... by this time, Sai has started writing
something in the diary.

(stopping from writing, looking in
the girl's direction for a few
seconds as if thinking something)
You aren't a very polite girl, are

(Registering a question) What?
(because she didn't hear it right)

I said, you aren't a very polite
girl, are you?

(finding the question funny) Hello!
Why? What do I sound like?

No I was just wondering if you were
always biting like geese with fire
on her tongue...

(looks at him with slitted eyes
giving a threatening look at first,
then relaxed face and sighs)
actually I know what you mean... no
I am not this way, only when
required, with only the required
people (smile).

he he... ok.. agree... (and gets
back to his diary nodding while she
continues looking at him)

3-4 seconds of she looking at him...

Hey you know what? I am sorry
too... ok?

(pleasantly startled).. for what?

I was irked up tooo.. as in I
wasn't prepared for this kind of a
thing and mom suddenly insisted
that I had to be home.. she had
decided something important and you
know.. all that crap that moms can
sometimes give you. I just had to
heed because of what dad might
say.. and I was also irked up. So
sorry about that. (Now both smile).

Hey that's ok. I understand. (and
once again starts scribbling
something at his diary.)

So what is it that you find so
important to write while someone is
talking to you?

Hey no... just my daily journal.. I
thought we didn't have much to talk

(kinda ignoring his answer) So what
do you write for your daily journal
today, that you met a not so polite
girl who bites like geese with fire
- on - her - tongue??

Ha ha (for the first time, a not so
weak or fake laugh).. no simply...
just recording today's events..

Kruthika rises from her position to come towards him... and he
stops writing

Can I see what you are writing...

(closing the diary with the pen in
it...) No.. not really .. journals
are supposed to be personal!
(Smile) and don't worry I didn't
write you are not polite.

(Looking at another shelf near Sai)
You better not mister!...So do you
write only journals or something
else as well? Don't tell me.. code!

He he... no I sometimes write short
stories too. but then that's it..

Really? (genuinely interested and
much of the initial uncomfort gone
by this time).. I write poems
too..but only I read them (giggles to

Same with me.. only I read my
stories I guess!

I could probably help you out.. wat

He he..sure they are all on my
blog...all entries with zero comments!
I'll give you the URL if you are

Sure, I'll take it when I leave.

Few seconds of silence.

Hmm.... I guess its around 10
minutes... you want me to write it
for you on a piece of paper, its
not so straightforward to
remember... we can probably leave
now then...

No its ok... unless you want to
drive me away immediately!

No nothing like that.. its been
sometime, thought you'd want to

I guess its ok... lets make it 15
minutes... 1 and half times you see
(in an imitating voice)..

You are really sarcastic, aren't

He he.. maybe and I would want to
add funny too!

Yeah, very!

Thank you and you can write that in
your journal (winking! wow!)

he he.. I will...

Hey actually, forget the time, its
not a contract now, ok? They'll
probably call when they want to
call us. Let's just get to know
each other..

(Smile, large breath) You are sure
you want to do this?

Yes... Yes (like a robot)

You!! Really cheeky that was!

Ha ha... both laugh...

You see if not anything else, we
can make good friends, a chauvinistic
guy and a sarcastic girl! wat say?

sure sure.. (again laugh...)

darken the screen... pull away.... credits

This is THE stuff

Here's an example of how just a beautiful presentation of the truth can change one's perspectives forever. Thanks, Annie!

People with enough bandwidth could directly watch the video at

For those who have Quick Time, you can download/watch the movie at http://web.1.c3.audiovideoweb.com/1c3web3536/StoryOfStuff.mov

For those bizzy guys who want a short summary of the video before watching it. Here goes. This poem was written by my cousin Deepa who has just finished her 10th board exams.

(a poem based on Annie Leonard's story by N.Deepa, 16 years)

It all begins with extraction
of materials from the earth.
This trashing of the planet
has caused of resources a dearth.

The second stage of production
uses energy to create stuff.
The toxins in and toxins out
make life on our planet tough.

The third stage of consumption
involves use of manufactured goods.
The large numbers soon to be trashed
put ecosystems into bad moods.

The story ends with disposal
of garbage in different ways.
For the dioxins produced by incineration,
every living creature pays.

People are involved in every stage,
braving a health hazard.
The growing power of corporations
has brought in democracy a blizzard.

As the golden way for consumer stuff,
recycling has been shown.
But for the junk produced upstream,
the solution is yet unknown.

On a finite planet like ours,
a linear system can't forever function.
So making the system circular
would be the perfect solution.

Freedom at Hyderabad

The fresh air of Hyderabad greeted me as I landed in the Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad on one Saturday morning. It was the start of a weekend that I knew marked a significant change in my life. It was the last operational day of the Begumpet Airport. All flights from the very next day onwards would operate from the new International Airport. I felt that this mirrored the changes in my life very aptly - out with the old, in with the new. Hyderabad to me signified the start of a resolution that, from now on, this free soul would search for what it likes and would pursue it.

Shyam, my best friend right from the college days, met me here. He is a tall lanky guy with broad shoulders. We setup our base here in Hyderabad in a small private colony; a beautiful place, at peace with nature. An entire plethora of wildlife rallied along its course right at our doorstep; squirrels, sparrows, frogs; not to leave out several other birds that I could not put a name to and probably, a snake or two at nights.

Although I did really want to put the practice of doing what I like into place; remembrance of my earlier experience at resolutions always kind of gave me the jitters. They had never worked. Not even one of them! So, there was always a nagging doubt at the back of my mind as to how long I would hold on to this one. But there were quite a few surprises in store for me.

First thing that stood out in stark difference to whatever I had experienced earlier is the fact that two confused individuals with similar resolutions kind of made up for each other's weaknesses. Basically, it meant that when either of us strayed from the line of focus, the other came in handy to pull you back on track.

Second was the revelation that meditation as a practice to seek peace with oneself just does not mean sitting in a secluded corner, closing one's eyes and concentrating so as to control one's thought streams. It just could just be as simple as realizing our oneness with nature.

This is what we experienced when we just took a bike ride on an empty road in the night. It was fresh pure air; and with the cool breeze gushing against our faces, both Shyam and I just melted into silence in nearly a twenty minute ride. I guess both of us thanked the other for not breaking the peace in that interval.

I experienced the same in walking back home one evening listening to some beautiful songs from the movie "Music & Lyrics" on my iPod. Again, a feeling of oneness with all things around me just flowed through my veins. I somehow felt free - free to enjoy and savor every particle of matter, every wave of sound that surrounded me.

Salaam Namaste to Hyderabad for the experience. All this in just one week too! Let's see what else is in store. For one, it has started me writing again as well ;)