Movable type installation on Mac OS X Leopard

This is kinda a follow up on the previous article. Tried my hand at setting Movable type up at my home as well on my Mac. (running Leopard).

The set of instructions for windows pretty much worked except for a few changes again. Have archived those pointers for reference.

1) There are no perl addons as such available with Xampp for mac os x. But, the xampp installation itself has perl with some basic modules packaged in it.

2) Also, the developer package for xampp also had to be download for building some of the required perl modules (download location -

3) The mysql installation included in xampp is configured to expect the include files at /xamppfiles/include. So I just copied the include folder from the developer package to that folder. (Copying the entire developer package for some reason messed up my xampp setup - that is why I had to selectively copy)

4) The DBD::mysql perl module has to be installed on the perl installation used by Movable Type.. Movable Type on my machine was using the base perl installation from my Mac (at /usr/bin/perl) as against the perl installation on xampp (this can be confirmed from the data that is dumped at http://localhost/cgi-bin/mt-check.cgi

Confirm the perl installation you are installing the modules to is the same as the one used by Movable type. Here are the steps to install the mysql perl module.

> perl -MCPAN -e shell
Choose 'yes' for automatic CPAN configuration if this is the first time. Automatic configuration worked fine for me.

Now in the CPAN shell, type
> install Bundle::DBD::mysql

That downloads and installs the correct versions of the perl module and its dependencies from the internet.

Once that is done, just ensure that the DBD::mysql module shows up as installed at http://localhost/cgi-bin/mt-check.cgi If yes, then proceed with the Movable type installation.

Movable type installation on windows

Have been meddling around with a blog management software (Movable Type) for the past few weeks. Finally got it running on my windows box after quite a bit of struggle. The problem was in finding the right set of tools/instructions to get it up.

Finally found a good set of instructions at this site

I have archived some pointers against the above instructions for reference.

Here they are:

1) The latest version of XAMPP has some issues with the perl addon. When the Movable type installation is started, perl (5.10) crashes with a dll not found error. Had to revert to an older version of XAMPP which was compatible with Perl 5.8 (I used 1.6.0) (Download location -

2) Download location for the perl addon (I used 5.8) - . Choose download -> browse all files -> windows add-ons)

3) Go to http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php and setup a password for your MySql database in the Xampp installation .

4) Then go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ . Login as root with the password you specified in the previous step. Go inside and create a new database .

5) mt-config.cgi that I used:
CGIPath http://localhost/cgi-bin/mt/
StaticWebPath http://localhost/mt-static
##### MYSQL #####
ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database [database name from point 4]
DBUser root
DBPassword [database password from point 3]
DBHost localhost