A bit of choc - co - lat - te

Guys, this is a short write-up on my favorite movie "Forrest Gump". This is how I pay my tribute to it.

I love to remind myself of the words I heard in Forrest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". The good part is, we get to choose the chocolates.

Last night, you might be having the time of your life with everyone you love. Today, maybe your best friend will leave you. At such times ,I love to think that life has called me and opened up a box of chocolates for me to choose from. Infact, the best chocolates are the bitter ones (as the Hershey's :)). So it pays;) to take a bitter one since the best relationships are those that stand the test of faith.

The act of Forrest starting his cross-country journey to discover the meaning of life is something that means a lot to me symbolically. Get up and go!! Forrest learns a lot in that journey. I have made it a point to take this to heart, this day as I enjoy my vacation at my home.

I love this scene in the movie as well which happens while Forrest is on the cross-country run.

Bumper sticker maker: You just ran through a big pile of dog shit.
Forrest Gump: It happens.
Bumper sticker maker: What, shit?
Forrest Gump: Sometimes.

"SHIT HAPPENS" -> this hit slogan makes me laugh, yet makes me aware of the fact of how to view life ;) Dont get any interesting ideas.

This conversation when Forrest describes a beautiful sunset to an ailing Jenny is also touching.

Forrest Gump: It was so beautiful.
Jenny: I wish I could've been there with you.
Forrest Gump: You were.

This is a timeless relationship. I love to experience one such relationship. It is as Forrest put it in his own words "We was like peas and carrots."

The end is quite touching as well.
"I don't know if we each have a destiny or if were just floating around accidental-like, on a breeze.", is a classic reflection of the wisdom that experience has moulded into Forrest's heart. It is more of a starting point in his journey to solve that question. Infact, the film's start in which a feather appears to be floating around in the breeze but yet lands 'by chance' at Forrest feet's reflects that very philosophy. The end is similar which goes to say that the process continues.