A tribute to the auto-rickshaw drivers of Bangalore :)

What I really like about the auto drivers of Bangalore is their consistency. Let me give you examples that stand out.

It is sort of a rule in Bangalore that the first auto that a commuter asks should not accept the deal. I have seen it happen so many times that I am considering writing a theorem on this. :)

Next, every auto driver in Bangalore has straight line vision only. You can't stop an auto by waving your hand from the side of the road. You have to get directly into the path of the auto to intercept his straight line vision.

Another cool ability of the auto drivers is their skill to feign deaf when ask them to go to a location they aren't interested in. Infact, there is an ongoing research in the police ranks as to what interests the autodrivers. As the first result of this research, the police have put up boards to report any auto driver that refuses a customer.

Individual attention is another trait. If you ask a driver and he refuses, you must repeat the request to the next guy who was listening to you ask his friend. And invariably, he will also say 'no' !!

Of course, not to be-little them, they are probably the only drivers in the country who come exactly by the meter. That I must really applaud.