Two movies .. and probably destiny ..

This weekend was one in which I chose to spend some time quietly with myself - A mood that I get into sometimes when you feel something's not just right with the way things are going on. People around you are happy, things at work are going great, you've got some good compliments from your boss, from friends .. still .. something feels wrong.

I guess resigning to myself in these times has generally brought out the best .. interesting part is that .. I am a firm non-believer in destiny .. so much so that I believe that God is my friend and guide in life rather than someone above .. that is probably one of the reasons I really do not pray. That does not mean I am a non-believer, I believe in the power of God to guide me .. but .. BUT .. only as a guide .. If I want something, it is ME who will have to do it ..

As usual, I got the guidance ;) and again, as usual, in an unexpected way (This is where I begin to wonder whether there is something in this "destiny" thingy ;) ). This time it was in the form of 2 beautiful films.

The first one, "The Hurricane" ( .. wow .. this one really blew me away. It was a beautiful portrayal of a mind which refused to give in to what was being forced on it. Another movie of the same cadre is the "The Shawshank Redemption".

The next one is something I've seen before .. found on rummaging through my disc collection in the hope of bringing some order .. (after all, discs were invented for random access .. geeks/nerds .. pardon the irony ;) ) .. this one is a marvellous piece no matter how many times I see it "Spanglish" ( . This one's about believing in your identity .. in what defines you ..

The beauty of films is the way they let you relive the emotions that the characters play. Am thankful for having found these two films this weekend to get back on track and thank God for making some film-makers follow their heart to produce such films.