Another very different piece I found at YouTube

The first scene is kinda pretty shocking but it sets the pace for the rest of the movie.

More about this film:

Flex'ing my muscles a bit ;)

Hey people,

This weekend was dedicated a bit to learning about Flex - the programming model to the flash runtime environment exposed by Adobe. This is a great step towards bringing on the not-so-artistic guys into programming Flash apps. Did I say "programming" flash apps? Yup, ppl. It's true that Action script has been around in Flash for some time but the Adobe Flash interface with umpteen features used to scare me off at my earlier attempts ;).

I got really interested when I saw one of the applications that Adobe had built using Flex. (screenshot above)
I must say that this was one of the most beautiful calligraphy I have seen in a rendering engine inside a browser. It was smooth and flowed beautifully. Loved it!

Flex was refreshing! Got my first AJAX driven app running within about 1/2 hour of installing Flex. Awesome! It just involved a few "good old" :) xml files in the vim editor and a batch script to compile the same.

For beginners, the "Getting Started" app is a great way to learn the ropes -

There is one small setting change which I had to do to get my .swf running. Basically, for security reasons, the Flash Player does not allow random swfs (ones that you dont trust) to access the Internet. The following links help one to configure the flash player to trust the .swf files that you want.


Come long weekends and it's time for introspection.

This time it's been -
"what does it take to be 'happy' at the end of every day?"

Several coke bottles and walks later, it's down to 3 simple things - nothing else - just these 3.
  • Learn to let go
  • Be true to yourself
  • As Nike puts it,"Just do it"
Let me go ahead and elucidate the 3 principles:

Learn to let go

Learn to pull yourself out from stuff that normally have a tendency to make you focus on stuff that does not really matter. For example, "Work" is from 10 to 6 (9 to 5 is kinda tough for the new gen ;) ). Just learn to pull yourself out from it at 6. That is the single most important thing which will spell magic for other things.

Be true to yourself

This one's simple. This is how it goes: Never try to cheat yourself into believing something that you truly don't. If you are afraid of something, agree with yourself that you are. You will then find ways to overcome it.

As Nike puts it, "Just do it"

When you feel like doing something, just go ahead and do it. Whether it is go forward and tell someone you love that you like him/her (or) it is to tell your boss that your current workload is high. Whatever be it, big or small, just do it. Don't bother about the results of these actions. The fact that you did what you wanted to will give you the satisfaction and happ'y'ness you desire.

This post tries to list out 3 very simple rules that I have set about for myself. Am a person who tests out a variety of principles and loves to understand the changes and the impact they have in my life. These 3 are the culmination of nearly 5 years of trying to understand what satisfies oneself. Hope these are useful to you as well.

Signing off,

Beautiful piece of filming

This one brought my interests in film-making back!

Online advertising

Hi everyone,

Have started exploring a bit around the online advertising industry lately. Being a developer on the AdCenter team in Microsoft, thought I would start understanding the industry that we serve. Over the coming months, I plan to jot down my learnings about this industry on my blog here. Let's get started.


Have always been searching for a good primer on "Online Advertising". This was one really nice set of articles that I found on the topic.

Every article on online advertising talk about quite a few acronyms like CPC, CPA. Wikipedia had a neat definition of the most common ones. Archiving a link to it.

This post by Scott Howe (VP and General Manager, Advertiser & Publisher Solutions Group (APS), Microsoft) is a real good one for those looking to understand how to understand and use ad networks to much better benefit.