A real life ‘Swades’


Diamond trade in Zimbabwe in possible violation of Kimberly process


Blood diamonds – Part 2

Source: http://www.diamondfacts.org/index-2.html

It is shocking to realize that many of us complain of the various comforts that we enjoy in our countries, when there are horrendous atrocities being committed in several countries.

Many of the countries that were regularized under the recent Kimberly process were under civil wars until very recently. (Check out http://www.diamondfacts.org/conflict/background.html for more details). Just thinking of the suffering that the people of these countries endured in the last decade makes one’s stomach squirm. Thankfully, most of these countries are finally on a positive path of development.

One of the countries where the civil war still continues is Ivory Coast.


Ivory Coast is still under a UN Security Council Resolution prohibiting the import/export of diamonds.